"Participation fees and the zip code you live in should not prevent Minneapolis children and families from accessing our parks. Parks provide public health for our city and its people. Every dollar we spend on a private consultant is a dollar we take away from the youth that use our rec centers. I endorse Devin because he understands that building power together moves Minneapolis from equity talk to justice work."

-- Rep. Ilhan Omar, MN 60-B

"Increasing access to park amenities for all makes everybody buy in to the concept of 'our' parks, not just aesthetics for the well-off crowd. Devin gets that the best path to peaceful parks is to fill them with people, and he wants the Park Police to empower alternative models of community safety. Mutual accountability builds strong communities."

-- D.A. Bullock, Filmmaker/Community Artist

Your independently elected Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board manages nearly 15% of the land in Minneapolis, and employs over 2,000 of our neighbors, friends, and family members. In this political reality, we need to fight together to provide Sanctuary Parks for every kid in Minneapolis.

Hubert Humphrey called politics the Art of the Possible. As YOUR Commissioner At-Large I'm committed to inclusive visionary leadership that epitomizes the Park Board's stated values. Let's do this.