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What does the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board Do?



    • Devin has written, run, and managed budgets for private for-profit businesses (P&L), non profits (BvA), and public programs. 
    • Devin has taken Master's-level coursework in Public Finance and knows double entry accounting.
    • Devin understands the distinction between accrual basis and cash basis and why that is important for government spending.


      • Devin is non-binary and the first transgender person to run for Park Board. Devin is possibly the first non-binary person ever to be endorsed by Democrats nationwide.
      • Devin is okay with masculine identifiers and uses the pronouns he/him or they/them.
      • Trans visibility is VERY IMPORTANT, even if you can't tell just by looking at someone.

      Devin's stances

      Neighborhood Parks Plan

      • Devin supports this historic agreement that brings much needed maintenance to our neighborhood parks. $11 Million/year of new funding provides our system a sound footing for the next generation.
      • Funding is prioritized by an equity matrix, which has become a national model due to its groundbreaking design. Devin wants the Park Board to explore more uses for tools like this across the system, such as staffing.  It is important to analyze and update our methodolgy we build up year after year.
      • Park Dedication Fees are an innovative way to bring new revenue into our park system. Devin wants the Park Board to build on this model to better benefit neighborhoods without burdening small developers. 

      Mississippi River

      • Devin supports the community vision and priorities laid out in the Above the Falls Master Plan. The upcoming multiyear community engagement process for the Upper Harbor Terminal is an opportunity to develop a 21st century urban and natural riverfront community.
      • Devin believes Parcel D at Hall's Island is an opportunity to bring in municipal and county partners to create a new neighborhood resource, in addition to the onsite concessionaires envisioned as part of the plan.
      • Devin supports the updated Water Works development, especially the new public park building featuring the Sioux Chef.
      • Devin supports the upcoming master planning process for the Mississippi River Gorge south of St. Anthony Falls, including exploring ideas such as re-wilding the river.
      • Devin wants the Park Board to partner with the Minnesota DNR to fund more access to recreation and educational activities for youth.

      Hiawatha Golf Course

      • Devin supports the idea of golf course redevelopment but is in favor of maintaining an 18-hole course at Hiawatha.
      • The DNR, state legislators, and the Park Board have agreed to delay closing Hiawatha Golf Course for 5 years until we have a better idea of what's next. Devin believes this is the right decision.
      • This is ultimately a multi-jurisdictional regional watershed issue, of which the golf course is an interrelated part. We have no idea of what's feasible here, and any redevelopment will likely cost tens of millions of dollars, which doesn't just appear. We can also still take more immediate steps to mitigate pollution at Lake Hiawatha.
      • We took the time to get the riverfront right, and Devin thinks everyone benefits by doing the same thing here. It's a yes-and situation.


      Political philosophy

      Is Devin a "moderate," "progressive," or "far-left"?

      • Devin is a proud (endorsed!) Democrat. He eschews any further labels because they are irrelevant to his political philosophy, summarized by the below quote from Paul Wellstone:
        • "I don't think politics has anything to do with left, right, or center. It has to do with trying to do right by people."
      • Devin has corporate, private and non-profit experience but is wholeheartedly against the Neoliberal agenda of privatization that has pervaded our Party for decades. These (scientifically disproven!) Republican policies extract and transfer public wealth to the billionaire class, typically at the expense of our most marginalized communities.